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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

October 27, 2015

We have another busy week ahead of us!  It is Halloweeeeeen week, after all! 

The sound of the week is é...ask your child to tell you about the story and the action we do when we see this letter in a word. 

The Grade 1 spelling words are:
bébé - baby
télé- television
fée - fairy
clé - key
école - school
fusée - rocket

The grade 2 spelling words are:
déguise - disguise
épouvantail - scarecrow
écureuil - squirrel
legume - vegetable
décoration - decoration
araignée - spider
méchant - mean, nasty
éléphant - elephant

Tomorrow morning, we will have our individual pictures taken; please be sure to fill out and send in the photo forms tomorrow so that your child may have his or her picture taken!

On Thursday, we will be visiting the grade 6 haunted house in room 16.  Please contribute to their fundraising efforts and send in a toonie! 

Friday, the students are invited to wear a costume after lunch. There is a school-wide parade starting at 1:20, if you would like to check out the weird and wonderful costumes, come and hang out in any hallway (the parade goes around the entire school halls) .  At around 2:00, we will return to the class to celebrate with our classmates in some fun and games.  Please send in a semi-healthy snack to share with 14 classmates!

Have a great week!

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