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Monday, 18 March 2013

18 March, 2013


Today, we created a new list of spelling words that focus on the "eau" (o) sound:

1. peau (skin)
2.veau (calf, baby cow)
3. beau (nice, handsome)
4. chapeau (hat)
5. oiseau (bird)

Some of these words are a review.

Tomorrow at 3:30pm - 4:30pm, the student council has organized a school dance to raise money for a new outdoor play structure.  All students, parents and siblings are welcomed to attend.  The cost $1 and donations are also being accepted.

Tomorrow, it is Finn who will be presenting the Show and Tell.  Thanks today to Mac for flying his remote-control helicopter!

Have a good week (last one before Spring Break!)


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13 March, 2013

Today, we had our Telus World of Science classroom session and learned about BUBBLES!  The kids learned that bubbles have 3  rules:

1. Bubbles are lazy! (only form into spherical shapes);
2. Bubbles need to be wet;
3. Bubbles reflect light!

Here are a few pictures:
We had fun!  The kids brought home their own bubble makers that they can use in the bath or save for the summer!

With regards to the extra Math sheets that came home last week - I wanted to encourage the kids to practice their math skills in addition and subtraction after one student asked me for extra work.  I put out the idea to the whole class and a surprisingly large number of students were keen to have extra practice at home!  These sheets are for the students to work through at their own pace.  I welcome the students to bring them back once completed to "show off" their accomplishments!  Bravo la première année!

Tomorrow, we have a visit from Baby Kai at 11:15.  A Science in Motion assembly will take place in the gym at 2:15.

On Friday, the Spotlight Assembly will take place at 11:00am.  The students will be dismissed at NOON!

Monday, 11 March 2013

11 March, 2013

Report cards went home today.  Please sign the enclosed "Parent Comments and Signature" sheet and send back in the envelope.  The report card is yours to keep!  Also, there is an interview request sheet included in the envelope.  If I have not requested an interview, but you would like to meet, please fill in your desired meeting time. I will confirm times with you this week.

Happening this week...

Wednesday:  Telus World of Science, "Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles", from 1:00-2:00.

Thursday:  Roots of Empathy - Baby Kai will come in for a visit.

Friday: - Spotlight Assembly at 11:00 am
            - Book orders are due back
           -  Noon dismissal for students

We will be starting to create our Community Building project.  If you have some scraps of material to send in, we will use them to create the interior of our 3D buildings.

The spelling words this week, as chosen by the students, focus on the "ER" sound, which, in French, says "EH".  There are five words that all students will spell. 
1. nager- to swim
2. voler - to fly
3. dîner - dinner
4. parler - to speak
5. rester - to stay

A few students were asking for more words (how could I say "no"!) and so all students are invited, but are not required, to spell:
6. janvier
7. février
8. chercher

Have a good week!


Monday, 4 March 2013

March 4, 2013

Way to go Grade One classes on your singing performance at the pyjama day on Friday!! Marta (organizer) said that she was moved to that is good singing!  Check out the performance at this link:

This week's sound is "ph" that makes the "f" sound, as it does in English.  With the help of the class, we came up with the following words for the week:
éléphant- elephant
téléphone - telephone
phoque (careful here...) - seal
Phoebe (name of the hummingbird we check on.  Be careful of the capital P!)
photo -

Thursday, from 10:40-12:00, we will be visiting the Town of Jasper and some of its buildings.businesses.  Please join us for the walk!

On Friday, there is school in the morning and the students are dismissed at lunch for a staff Professional Development day. 

Have a good week!