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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

29 octobre, 2013

The sound that we are learning this week is è, which makes a sound like "e" in the English word pet.
The words that the kids helped to choose for the spelling dictée are:

1. mère (mother)
2. père (father)
3. frère (brother)
4. très (very)

Thanks to John Bartziokas for helping keep order in the boys' change rooms yesterday at swimming, and Christine Oeggerli for assisting in the girls' room.  We will be starting our swim lessons 5 minutes earlier for the remainder of the week so that we can leave the pool earlier and be less rushed for lunch.  Please pick your child up from the pool at lunch, if you are able.

Halloween happenings...
The movie "Despicable Me" will be shown today and tomorrow from 12;30-1:05 for a cost of 50 cents.  All are welcome to attend and proceeds will go towards Bella Tiesenhausen's surgery. 

Wednesday we will be visiting Mrs. Sawka's haunted house.  The cost of this is $1 and donations to the Food Bank are accepted.

Wednesday after school there will be a dance put on by the grade 6 class for $1.  No costumes are allowed.

Thursday after lunch, the students are invited to dress-up in their Halloween costumes.  There will be a school parade that starts at 1:30 and will go around to visit every classroom.  After the parade, we will return to class for a Halloween celebration (snacks are welcomed for 16 hungry grade 1 students!)

Phewf!  I think that's all for now...what a busy week! 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

23 octobre, 2013

The sound of the week is "é" - this e with and accent aigu makes the "eh" sound.  The words that we chose for our spelling dictée are:
1. fée (fairy)
2. née (born)
3. bébé (baby)
4. zéro (zero)
5. oops- need to check on this one...

Just a reminder that this Friday is Institute Day for GYPSD staff, and the students have the day off!

We started our Roots of Empathy program yesterday with Beth LeBlanc from Family and Community Support Services.  She spoke to us about the baby that we will be teaching us about growth, development, milestones, kindness and empathy!  The baby's name is Elizabeth Borrow and she is 3 months old.  She will come into our class every other Tuesday for the remainder of the year, as we observe her growth and changes.  Thank you for returning your photo release forms for this program!

Just a note about picture day on Monday.  As it is also our swim day, I have requested that our class have their photos taken in the morning before we swim (to avoid soggy photos!).

Have a great (remainder) of the week!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15 octobre, 2013

Bonjour!  I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!  Great to see all of the students at school ready for a new week. 

This week at school we have a cookie sale on Thursday....please dig out your quarters and send them in a secure place for your child!  I cannot hand out quarters to the kids (no matter how much they ask!). 

On Friday, we will not have a regular 4-word dictée, but instead, we will have a numbers quiz from zero to ten.  The students should know how to write the number words and to be able to match the number word to the number.  Here are the numbers in French:

 0 - zéro
1 - un
2 - deux
3 - trois
4- quatre
5 - cinq
6 - six
7 - sept
8 - huit
9 - neuf
10 - dix

Study hard!

Also a reminder that many students are coming to class late!  Let's get into the habit of being in the classroom by the second bell (8:35).  Thank you for your cooperation with this!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1 octobre, 2013

Bienvenue au mois d'octobre!  Thanks again to all of the parent helpers who came along to pick apples and to help prepare our delicious apple sauce!  I have included a few photos...

Some reminders for the week are:
Thursday there is a cookie sale so please send along up to 2 quarters for a special recess treat!
Friday after lunch (1:10) we will be going on a leaf hunt around town.  Parent volunteers are welcome to join us!
The focus sound of the week is "o" and the action we make for this sound is to put hands on belly and to laugh like santa, "o, o, o!".  Whenever this vowel is in a word  all by itself, not beside another vowel, it will say it's sound..."O".  The words the class selected for the week are:
1. yoyo
2. moto
3. non
4. rose