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Monday, 19 October 2015

October 19, 2015

Thanks for sending in a vegetable last week for our Friendship soup! It turned out great and most of it was eaten up by the appreciative and hungry students!

The sound of the week is è...ask your child what sound this letter makes in a word, also, if he/she can show you the gesture to accompany the letter.
The grade 1 spelling words this week are:
  1. lève - raise
  2. frère - brother
  3. père - father
  4. mère - mother
  5. zèbre - zebra

The grade 2 spelling words are:
  1. chèvre - goat
  2. flèche - arrow
  3. élève - student
  4. rivière - river
  5. trapèze - trapezoid
  6. lumière - light
  7. pièce - piece, like a theatre piece
  8. lièvre - hare

This Thursday, there will be 2  assemblies to celebrate and learn about the Dark Skies Festival happening in Jasper.  To get into the Spirit, students are invited to dress up like a mad scientist on Thursday.

There is no school this Friday, as teachers are in Hinton for Institute Day. Enjoy the short week!

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