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Monday, 25 May 2015

May 25, 2015

We enjoyed a presentation today from Sophie, in which she handed out a Fire Smart postcard and sticker ...yours to keep; thanks, Sophie!

Today, we were treated to a presentation of Goldilocks and the Polar Bears!  It was great and included many important messages pertaining to protecting the environment: Change your lightbulbs, Unplug and Bike (or walk)!

This week at school, the activities and special events are:

Monday- there are 10 spelling words that went home today and are:
1. il saute - he jumps
2. il court - he runs
3. un lapin - a rabbit
4. où - where
5. marche - to walk
6. qui - who
7. vais - go
8. je - I
9. c'est - it is
10. fort - strong

Tuesday - We will be taught about the needs of plants and animals by the Discover E Science faculty from the University of Alberta. 

Wednesday - This  week we will be visiting the French Book Fair at 11:30.  Send your child with and appropriate amount of money.  Books usually range from $8 - $12.  Posters are $5, pencils and erasers are in the range of $1-$3.

Thursday -

Friday - Class photos will be taken in the morning.  Jump rope for heart will be at 2:30 pm outside on the sport field.  Please return all fundraising envelopes.

We are moving along with the Landmark presentations for our Jasper community projects.  So far, we have learned about Maligne Hostel, the Senior's Lodge and the Parks Canada Fire Crew ~ bravo les amis!

We have 2 gymnastics classes that have been sponsored by Randy Glover that will be taking place on June 11 and 18th; watch for permission forms that will be coming home this week.

Have a great week!

Monday, 18 May 2015

May 18, 2015

The spelling  dictées have been going well, as you can tell from the successful results in your child's spelling books!  Looking back to September when the words were 2 letters (ma, ta,sa...)...Grade one is so rewarding when you see the remarkable gains that are made in 9-10 months! 

There will be a dictee / spelling quiz this Friday on the following words:

1. ça va - it goes (literal translation.  Can also be used to tell how you are feeling, "Ca va bien"= it's going well).
2. est - is (Il est le plus grand garcon dans la classe= He is the biggest boy in the class)
3. ici - here (Le restaurant est ici = the restaurant is here).
4. par - by (Le presentation est par la classe de la première année = The presentation is by  the first grade class).
5. je pense - I think (Je pense que la pizza est bonne = I think that the pizza is good).
6. pour - for (Le cadeau est pour toi = The present is for you).
7. quand - when  (Quand est le film? = When is the movie?)
8. il regarde - he looks  (Il regarde loin pour voir un oiseau = He looks far to see a bird).
9. il voit - he sees (Quand il regarde très loin, il voit un oiseau = When he looks very far, he sees a bird).
10. chez moi - my house (Elle est venue chez moi pour la fête = She came to my house for the party).

Also happening this week:

Wednesday - We will visit the French Book Fair at 11:30.  Send your child with money, if you are comfortable with them shopping. OR, join the class on Wednesday, or, you can visit the book fair in the school library throughout the day until 6:00 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday - There will be a cookie sale, hosted by Shelly Irwin's class....bring in 2 quarters for a recess treat!

A new home - reading program will start this week.  Information will be going home on Tuesday, but, basically, this program will target the student's specific "level" of reading. 
1.They will choose a book at school and bring it home to share with you and will fill in a reading journal. 
2. When they are ready to read to myself or to Madame Vanessa, they will sign their name on the board at school and one of us will read with him/her. 
3. They will then make a "jump" along a progress chart in class to track their reading progress and success!
4. As they finish levels of books, they will move to higher reading levels. 
I have found this to be highly motivating to the students.  ** Please remember that your at-home support and encouragement is critical to their improvements. 
** The plastic bags of books will need to be returned this week.  If your child enjoys taking these bags of books, they can sign them out in the class and read them, as well as doing the individual reading program.

Social Studies Presentations!  - I am looking forward to having students start their presentation this week!  They can let me know when they are ready.  Remember, a 3-5 minute talk about what they have learned will be great! 
Have a great week~