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Monday, 25 February 2013

25 février, 2013

We had a busy week last week and I will attach some pictures at the end of this post.  We painted our clay penguin masterpieces and they turned out wonderfully!  Bravo la première année!


The Show and Tell has been going well, also.  Remember, this activity is to promote thinking and speaking in French for both the student that is presenting and for the class!  They are, therefore, welcomed to bring in a favorite toy to class.  Check out the picture of Melissa showing and telling about her "pet" hooded dragon (please dont feel that the item needs to be alive!)!  It was exciting to watch Melissa's mom try to feed it a superworm...eeeek!  I must say that I was a little freaked out!


The Carnaval was also a lot of fun - here, you can see Maya pounding a nail as she tried to do her best "lumberjack" impersonation.

The words of the week follow the "EN" sound (it is the sound as last week's "AN")
1. dent (tooth) -
2. vent (wind) -
3. cent (a hundred)
4. enfant (child)
5. entre (enter)
Have a great week!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spelling words of the week

The spelling words this week are:
maman  - mom:  Je vois ma maman.
grand - big:  Le chien est grand!
dans - in : Le chocolat est dans la boite.
mange- to eat:  Je mange une banane.
blanc - white:  La neige est blanc.
orange - orange: La carotte est orange!
The sound of the week is "an", and in Enlish, it sounds like saying "on" without pronouncing the "n".

For reference to a french-spoken version, please access the following website and type in the word that you would like to be pronounced:

Mrs. Morgan's class is hosting a cookie sale, so send in those quarters for a recess treat.

Finally, please send a helmet and warm clothing tomorrow afternoon for the winter carnival.



20 février, 2013

Thanks to all of you who provided treats for our Valentine's Day celebration - it was a lot of fun!  Here is a photo of the class wearing pink, red and pyjamas:

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12 février, 2013

There will be a spelling quiz this Friday on words containing the "ai" (eh) sound.  The five words are:

vrai (true, real)
J'ai (I have)
mai (May, as in the month of May)
mais (meaning, "but")
fais (to make, to do)

Thursday after lunch, there will be a spotlight assembly in the gym.  The teachers will also be participating in a a competition, showing off their interpretation of a homemade space helmet.  It should be a fun assembly and all are welcome to attend.

Immediately following the assembly, we will return to our class to exchange Valentine cards with each other and enjoy some snacks and crafts.

I have been told that our hummingbird friend, Phoebe, has returned to her nest and has laid a few eggs!  Pretty exciting to see how  quickly those other birds grew and then left the nest!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

6 février, 2013

What a great day for a "Winter Walk"!  It felt more like Spring - I have posted a few pictures.


Enjoy the days off!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

5 février, 2012

Today, we read the booklet called, "Bébés Animaux" in class.  We learned that the  letters "eau" are like a magic O, as they say "O" when they are together.  Many of the baby animals in this story have this ending, watch for them!

Tomorrow is the "Winter Walk" around the block.  We will be heading out for the walk at 11:00, directly following recess.

Today, we sculpted penguins out of homemade air-dry clay, here are some masterpieces!
Jasper-20130205-00471.jpg Jasper-20130205-00472.jpgJasper-20130205-00473.jpg

Sunday, 3 February 2013

February 3, 2013

Some reminders for the week to come are: 
- Teachers' Convention will be taking place this week (Thursday and Friday).  There is a half day of school for the students on Wednesday, February 6.

- On Wednesday at 11:00 the school will be participating in a "Winter Walk".  The weather looks like it will cooperate so that we will be comfortable to walk around the block.

- We have been talking about penguins (les pingouins / les manchots).  Please enjoy the live stream webcam from the San Diego's Sea World penguin enclosure.  We have enjoyed watching the penguins being fed and having their cage cleaned!

One of our "penguin" songs is "le ragga des penguins".  The lyrics are very fast but the refrain is fun!

- Due to the short week, there will not be a spelling quiz this week.