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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

8 novembre, 2016

My apologies , as this blog is late to be posted to this site...I have experimented with posting to the Seesaw app that most parents are connected to as it reduces to number of "places" that you will need to check each week. I hope to only post to the Seesaw Blog in the coming weeks.

This week at school, there is no dictée as there is no school Friday.  We will be doing a review of the sounds we have learned, to date (a, e, i, o, e, é).

Tomorrow at school, there will be a Remembrance Day assembly at 10:40.  Parents are welcomed to join in the gym.

J.E.S has gone green!The November newsletter was sent to your home via your email address and unless you received a paper copy, you will be receiving the school news this way from now on.

Book bags will be coming home tomorrow, they will be circulated on Mondays.

Have a great long weekend!