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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

29 septembre, 2015

Welcome to the last week of September!

The students had a great time making apple sauce last week!  We peeled and sliced apples and enjoyed the delicious apple sauce together ~yum!

The focus sound of the week is "i" - ask your child to show you the action for this letter, as well as the other letters that we have focused on (a, e).

The words for the first grade class are:
1. il (he)
2. kiwi -
3. pile - battery
4. riz - rice
5. lit - bed
6. nid - nest  - careful here, the 'd' is silent

The words for the grade 2 class are:

  1. tigre - tiger
  2. pirate
  3. livre - book
  4. hibou - owl
  5. fille - girl
  6. citron - lemon
  7. chenille - caterpillar
  8. coccinelle - ladybug
  9. sourire - smile
  10. souris - mouse

Have a great week!


Monday, 21 September 2015

21 septembre, 2015

it was great seeing you all at Meet the Teacher last week! Please let me know if you have any other questions/concerns as the year rolls on.

New this week are the activity bags that contain a small (10-15 minute) activity.  I encourage the grade 1 students to complete the activity and return the bag on the following school day so that the students can exchange their bags each morning.

The spelling dictée was a huge success!  Great job, gr. 1! Don't forget to send back the spelling scribblers after you have admired and signed last week's spelling results.

This week, the class is focussing on the "e" sound. Ask your son/daughter to show you the action that we learned for "e". The words for gr.1 are:
Le, me, te, se, de, ne, je. --practice these words each night, if possible!

Gr. 2 spelling words this week are:
arbre, cheval, regarde, renard, chemise, leçon, melon, genou

Last week, we went on an awesome leaf hunt and we found some beauties!

This week, we have a cookie sale on Thursday, pack the quarters.  Also, the Terry Fox run is on Friday morning, if you are able to participate, come on out at 11 am. The students are dismissed at noon on Friday.

Have a great week!


Monday, 14 September 2015

Lundi, le 14 septembre, 2015

Welcome back! Bienvenue à la première année!

I had a wonderful week getting to know all of the Firsties last week!  We have reviewed many of the expectations of the First grade and have delved into our learning!  The class has already reviewed the alphabet, the 6 vowels, as well as our sight words from Kindergarten, including "Je, vois, voice, un, une, le, la" and all of the colors.  What a strong bunch ~ small, but mighty!

We share our class with 8 students who are in grade 2.  There is some juggling around when working on French Language Arts, however, our Science and Math curriculums are taught separately. 

You are welcome to come to the class at 6:15 this Thursday to have any other questions answered.  I will go through some of the key areas of First grade at this time.  You are invited to attend the hot dog fundraiser at the High Ground between 6:30 - 7:30. 

On Friday morning, we will have our forst spelling dictee test that consists of the following words:
1. ma
2. ta
3. sa
4. la
5. va
6. ami

Our focus sound this week is "a"!  Happy practicing!
We will be going on a leaf hunt around the townsite this Friday following lunch.  Please let me know if you are able to come along to help supervise.  Thanks!

Next Friday is a half day (noon dismissal) for Professional Development.

I'd like to welcome Théa Charest to our grade one team!  We are so happy to have Théa in Room 3!

Have a wonderful week!