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Monday, 23 March 2015

23 mars, 2015

The sound of the week is "em".  This sound is always followed by a "b" or a "p", as in the following words:
1. printemps - Spring
2. temps - time
3.  tempête -storm
4. septembre - September
5. novembre - November
6. ensemble - together

The bannock baking was a great success!  Thanks to Sharon and Tomoko for joining us in the high school Home Ec. room!

Also, thanks to all families for sending in milk cartons with prepared ice blocks for our inukshuk building project.  We managed to have three cooperative groups construct inukshuks and trouble-shoot through the tricky task of stacking slippery ice blocks~great job grade one!

Tomorrow, the  students are invited to dress up like a mad scientist to kick off our Science in Motion week.  I am looking forward to learning about "Cold Adaptations" with the scientists.

Report cards went home today.  Please send back the interview request forms tomorrow, thanks!

Friday is a half day to allow time for parent-teacher interviews, the students will be dismissed at the bell.

** Please return library books this week if you have them at home.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

18 mars, 2015

There will not  be a spelling dictée this week, enjoy the break!

Thanks for all of the green snacks yesterday!  We had broccoli, celery, snap peas, pickles, green rice Krispies squares, edamame and green Ranch dip!  The best part was that the food was mostly healthy -a bonus for having a green food day!
The leprechaun visited our class and left quite the mess; there were green footprints everywhere!  The students made traps in groups and cooperated wonderfully!  It was great to see the collaboration happening to engineer the best traps Ever!  Be sure to ask your child what their name is in leprechaun.  if they don't remember, check out the link:

We will be baking bannock bread at the high school kitchen tomorrow at 1:15 - 3:00.  I will bring the class back to the school to be dismissed.

On Friday morning at 11:00, we will be constructing our Inukshuk statues out of frozen ice blocks.  Please drop off ice blocks outside the office window (by the way...I never would have imagined the weather would be so balmy for this activity! I will take photos and post them on the blog, as the statues will likely melt before the end of the day...).

Please remember that next week:
 Monday: report cards go home
Tuesday: Dress like a Mad Scientist
Wednesday: we head to the Palisades for a day of French Immersion activities
Friday is a half day. 
** Any library books and/or classroom reading bags should be returned to class before the break, please!

If you would like to schedule a parent - teacher interview with Hélène or myself, please email or or write a note in your child's agenda. 

Have a great week~

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 mars, 2015


This week, the sound we are learning is "ch" (sh in English).  The words for the spelling dictée are:
1. chien - dog
2. chat - cat
3. chose - thing
4. bouche - mouth
5. dimanche - Sunday (days are not capitalized in French)
6. vache - cow

This Friday is a half day (professional development for the staff). We will not be making bannock this Friday at 1:00, as the students wrote in their agendas today!.  We will likely be doing this activity next Thursday afternoon.  I will let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks for sharing your birthday cupcakes with the class, Brady and Carson!!  The treat was delicious!

There will be a "healthy" snack sale hosted by the staff of JES this Thursday at recess.  The snacks with include items, such as carrot cookies, popcorn, vegetables, etc.  Each item will cost 25c and the maximum is 2 items per student.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

3 mars, 2015

 Last week was fun with all of the extra-curricular events happening at the school.  Thanks to all the parents who came to tie skates at our last skating session!  I have attached some photos of the week.

Today, several newsletters came home in your child's agenda.  There was the school newsletter, as well as my classroom news.  I found a few strays in the hallway, in case yours didn't make it home, please let me know.

The sound of the week is "ei" and it is the same sound as è and "ai" that we saw last week.

The words are (there are only 5):

1. baleine - whale
2. reine - queen

3. seize - sixteen
4. treize - thirteen
5. neige - snow

This Friday at 11:15, we will be walking to the High school to participate in the raising of the Franco-Albertan flag.  At 1:10, following lunch, the French Immersion classes will be presenting in the gym to kick off the "Semaine de la Francophonie".  Please join us if you are able!

Have a great week!