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Monday, 28 April 2014

28 Avril, 2014

Thanks to Maggie Noble for coming along on our walk around Jasper today!  We had the opportunity to visit all of the students' "places-of-interest" and also discovered a few (promising) signs of Spring!

There will not be a dictée test this week, as I will be out of the class for two of the days that we would normally practice the spelling words using manipulatives.  We will be back on track next week!

Come in and check out the "chia" pets we have been growing...also, ask your child what are some of the necessary elements that a plant needs in order to grow!

Have a great week!


Monday, 21 April 2014

Grade One music playlist - click to listen!

I can't believe how many songs we have learned to date, in première année! How many can your child sing along to?!

1. Les poissons
2. Avec un gros nez
3. Les mois de l'année
4. Les yeux arc-en-ciel
5. Bonjour, bonjour
6. Les chiffres 1 - 20
7. Allouette
8. Pirouette, cachuète
9. Savez-vous planter les choux?
10. Frère Jacques
11. A la claire fontaine
12. Le ragga des pingouins
13. Jouez au hockey
14. Quand je vais à l'école
15. Une patate
16. Le café crocodile
17. Les poissons
18. Le disco
19. Comment Y aller?
20. Je suis malade
21. Lundi matin
22. Les couleurs primaires
23. Les squelettes
24. Les lunettes de soleil
25. Je suis une pizza
26. Quel temps fait-il?
27. Quand tu sera grand
28. Louis la grenouille
29. Le printemps
30.  O Canada
31. Au fond de le jungle
32. La chanson chocolat
33. Assis, debout
34.L'araignee Gypsie
35. Mon petit lapin

21 avril, 2014

Happy Easter, Joyeuses Paques!

I hope the weekend was relaxing for you all! 

There will be a dictée this week that focusses on the "gn" sound.  In English, this sound is tricky to translate, but is like, "nyuh".  There are 4 words this week and they are:
1. araignée - spider
2. ligne - line
3. montagne - mountain
4. gagner - to win

The Volunteer Appreciation assembly is this week on Thursday, at 1:10 and all parent helpers are welcome to come to this celebration!

Friday is a half day to accommodate a Professional Development day.

Some materials have been requested to be brought to class to help us with class projects and crafts.  Please send in a shoebox, if you have one, as well as a plastic milk jug (any size smaller than a 4 litre).

Many thanks, and have a great week!