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Monday, 26 November 2012

November 26, 2012

Last week, Owen shared some beautiful banana bread and Zohwea brought in crepes for us to sample - delicious!


Some reminders for the week ahead are:

On Friday, I will be away at a French Immersion Literacy Conference in Edmonton. I had planned to cook with the class on this day; however, I will change this activity until another day. Next week on Friday morning, I plan to bake the cheddar bear buns with the class. Please let me know if you are able to help out on Friday morning (December 7th).


Spelling words this week will focus on the "ou" sound (oo in English).

Nous (we), ours (bear), où (where), rouge (red), hibou (owl), joue (to play)

As I will not be in class on Friday (and the substitute teacher does not speak French), the spelling quiz will be on Monday, Dec. 3.

Study hard and please ask me if you need help with the pronunciation of the words.   
un ours grizzly cour.
 L'hibou dit coucou!

Une souris verte: song of the week

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November 20, 2012

I just wanted to say how lucky I am to spend the day in Room 6.  Your kids are great...funny, kind and considerate, also!  Thank you to Melissa for sharing "Melissa's Marvelous Muffins" with us today!!  Bringing the recipes to share is really a treat for us all and we appreciate it (however, bringing food in is not required)!  Thanks!

Monday, 19 November 2012

November 19

Some recipe sheets have been coming back to class and they look great!  It is nice to share your favorites with the class!  The picture box in the top right corner can be filled in with a drawing by your child, or you can get your child to draw a bigger version of the recipe on the blank sheet provided!  Thanks Bella for bringing us each a sample of her Raspberry Coconut tarts; they were devine...tart heaven!

This week's spelling words are: roi (king), toi (you), moi (me), trois (three), vois (see), noir (black).  Study hard! 

The report cards went home today and inside your envelope, you will find a parent/student comment sheet.  These are to be filled out and returned with the brown envelope.  The report cards are yours to treasure/frame/send to grandparents, etc!  With regards to parent/teacher interview schedule, please check the day and time that I have sent home (in envelope) and let me know if it works for your schedule.  Outside the classroom door, I have posted a schedule for the meetings if you have yet to sign up.  You could also call me in my room at school 780-852-4447 (x 206).  Thanks!

The book orders were sent home today and are due back this Friday - let me know if any items are for Christmas and I will keep them a secret!

We had a great visit with Baby Kai today.  He is adorable and is learning to roll over - he is one happy baby!

Thursday there is a spotlight assembly at 1:10pm.

Reminder: Friday is an early dismissal!

Class songs (traditional French comptines), found on you tube:
Lundi Matin
Je suis une pizza :
Savez - vous planter les choux?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

November 11, 2012

C'est le jour du Souvenir -
Je porte un coquelicot.
Ask your child to read and explain this sentence! It means, "today is Remembrance Day - I wear a poppy."

Another busy week has passed!  We spent time talking about the significance of poppies, peace and remembering soldiers who fought in the wars.  When Griffin told the class that his great grandmother was involved in the second world war and that she is still alive (90 years old!) we had to learn more!  The class came up with 5 questions for grande Mamie and then Mr. Shepherd came to us with the answers and many fun and heart-warming stories of great-grandma's wartime experiences.  My favorite story was that when she took her itchy woollen knickers apart to knit a vest up for a skinny, young and cold Canadian soldier!  Thank you for sharing your time and stories with us, Landon!

The spelling quiz this week will be repeated on Tuesday.  Practice lots and listen for those vowel sounds in each word, "mon, ton, son, tu, il, elle, le, ne, pas and rat".

The songs we have been learning are:

O Canada

A few traditional French songs we have been learning:
Au feu les pompiers

Lundi matin


Frère Jacques
Frère Jacques

I look forward to our week ahead, starting on Tuesday, when Tianna and Max will be the "stars" and we will spend time learning about bears, hibernation and owls!


Monday, 5 November 2012

November 5, 2012

The sight words that we are studying this week are: mon, ton, son, tu, il, le, ne , elle, pas, rat, we will have another quiz this Friday.  The kids are doing well with the spelling results - keep working hard at home!!

The November newsletter and calendar went home today.  On the newsletter, I have attached a choice for parent-teacher interview times.  Please tick off your preferred time range on the preferred day and I will confirm that in your child's agenda in the coming weeks.  Thanks!

On Wednesday, November 7th at 1:45, our class will be going to the Scholastic Book Fair that is located in the school's library.  Please speak to your child about accapetable purchases, as there is often more to offer than just books (posters, pencils, fun erasers, bookmarks..).

This Friday afternoon is not a half day, even though it says so on your pink card that went home in September.  Sorry for the confusion.  Friday morning, there will be an assembly in the school gym to honour Remembrance Day.

Monday, November 12th, there is no school.