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Monday, 2 November 2015

2 November, 2015

Hallween in room 3 was spooktacular- thanks for sending in treats for the kids to share!  As the treats trickle into school, I ask that the kids eat them at recess or during the lunch period. Thanks for your help with this.

The special sound of the week is "oi".  It is our first combined vowel sound; ask your child to demonstrate the action that goes with this sound (hint, it is to make a bird flapping its wings).
The grade one spelling words this week are:
1. Trois - three
2. Noir - black
3. Vois - see
4. Moi - me
5. Toi - you
6. Voici - here is

The grade 2 words are:
1. Voir - to see
2. Droite - right (direction)
3. Oiseau - bird
4. Noix - nut
5. Croire- to believe
6. Tiroir - drawer
7. Poisson - fish
8. Bonsoir - good night

La maison hantée!


We will be visiting the book fair tomorrow at 11:00am.  There will be other choices besides just books, like posters ($5), pencils ($1), erasers (.50), and bookmarks ($1).  Please discuss with your child what an appropriate choice is!  If you are able to join us at 11:00, we will be in the library looking and shopping!

The book fair will also be open on Wednesday and Thursday until 7 pm if you would like to go after school hours. 

Have a great week !

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