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Thursday, 27 September 2012

September 27, 2012

Birthday wishes go out to Bella!  And thanks for those scrumptious was nice to have a treat together!

Today's words are: respect and récréation (recess). 

The book bags needed some repairs and will be sent back out tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 2:00 we will join the school for the Terry Fox run (walk) around the block.  Please send back those stickers that say, "I am running for...".  We talked in class about people our own families who have been sick and may have had cancer.  The stickers are a special reminder for those people.  Thanks.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

le 26 septembre

Bonjour les parents!

Just a reminder that the home reading kits should come back to the school tomorrow.  Your child will bring home a new one tomorrow.

Also a reminder that the Terry Fox run is on Friday! If you would like to donate a "Toonie to Terry", you can send in the toonie tomorrow or Friday.

Some words we have worked on this month are below, can your child describe/translate any of them?

ami                                       pupitre
crayon                                  pomme
classe                                   septembre
cloche                                   tableau


First week of grade one 2012/2013

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday today to Elisha!

A few important things to remember coming up in the next few days:

Tomorrow is Photo Day!  You should have received an order form from your child's agenda, in which you can customize your child's picture.  KODA Photography from Spruce Grove will be taking the pictues and payments can be given directly to the photographers.

Tomorrow after lunch (1:15) will be the first spotlight assembly of the year!  Come by and check out some of the stars of JES!

On Friday after recess, we will be going on our "Leaf Hunt".  The more, the merrier, and parents and siblings are welcome to come along for the walk.

Friday is also an Early Dismissal day; students will be dismissed at lunch.

Ask your child to find something in your house that is jaune (yellow), rouge (red), bleu (blue), orange, violet (purple), noir (black), blanc (white) or multicouleur (multicolored).

Ask your child to count from un - dix (one to ten).


Saturday, 15 September 2012



1 Cool Math - games

2 Skip Counting practice

3 Patterns

4. Learn Alberta math games, suitable for the 3rd grade


1. Starfall -
Phonics site for all ages

Grade one math and language games:

2. FunSchool educational games-
An interactive and entertaining educational site for the whole family!


1. Jeux de Mots (word games)
Alphabet, words and vocabulary practice (instructions are written in French and English)

2. Les Jeux de Lulu -
A large selection of French online games for kids

3. Games for kids (French and English web)

4. Learn to speak French with Roller and his mates (BBC kids)

5. Radio Canada
Various games for all levels

6. Caillou-
Simple games and great graphics, learn French with Caillou!


1. Google Earth

2. National Geographic - Kids


Canadian Parents for French


1. Calimero

LA TROISIèME ANNéE (Grade 3 math and computer skills)
1. Internet privacy pirate game

2. Multiplication Games -
This website is included on my links page for the Gr. 3 class (Mme. Howe) that I lead through a variety of math games each week.

1. New York Philharmic Orchestra -
Create your own instrument

Friday, 14 September 2012

Les pommes!

Thanks to Jillian's mom, Kalan's mom and Kiara's dad for helping our class make our "compote de pommes" (applesauce) today.  The aroma of cinnamon and apples made our class the envy of the school! The applesauce was so good that the students remarked they not onlydid they like it, they loved it!!!

Thanks also to the parent helpers (Kiara's dad, Kyle dad and Tianna's aunt) for coming along on our field trip to the museum yesterday.  Arvin Hilworth's electric train set was fascinating for the kids to see and ask him about.  Dressing up in old-fashioned conductor clothes was a fun way to experience the trains of years gone by.

Enjoy your weekend, rest, play and read!  See you lundi - Becky

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

September 11, 2012

Bonjour les parents,

We are getting busy with the events in our class, and I will keep sending home short reminders with the kids' agendas to keep you all up-to-date with all of the additions and changes.

Tomorrow is our first library day and the kdis are looking forward to their first book selections of the year.  I have decided to keep their library books at the school for our afternoon quiet reading period (as a busy parent, I hope you appreciate this as you no longer have to worry about school books getting lost on your shelves or under beds...!).

Thursday has us experiencing our first cookie sale of the year.  Please send 2 quarters maximum.  We will be going to the Museum at 2:00 on Thursday to view the train display that they have up.  In the evening is the parent meeting in Room 6.

Friday we are cooking with apples (les pommes).  Please send in an apple (if possible), as well as a bowl and spoon for tasting our creation.  We are peeling and cutting up apples from 11-12 and if are available to come in and chop, the help would be appreciated!



Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day three and allllll's well!

Today we learned about numbers to ten and focused on write out the number 2, as "deux".  This was great practice and I was amazed at the retention that the kids have from their Kindergarten learning!!

The days of the week song (jours de la semaine) is a catchy tune and we are stuck with it in are thoughts for much of the day!! Check yesterday's message for a link to the song, maybe you'll be humming it all day...!

Today our first book orders went home with the kids.  Please don't feel obliged to place an order, but should you choose to purchase books, the order forms must be returned to the class by September 14 (next Friday).

Merci!  Enjoy the beautiful day!

ext. 206

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Le deuxième jour d'école - the second day of school

Another day of first grade and it was awesome!  Today we introduced some of the days of the in French: lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche.  Ask your child to sing the "days of the week" song!

A reminder for drop off and pick up:  our class will use the door on the Geikie Street side of the building.  Our bootroom is also located there and the students need to get into the habit of coming and going from that side (very confusing, as it is on the opposite  side of the school from our Kindergarten door!).

Thanks to all of you for sending the completed forms back to school!

Also, I made an error on the newsletter that I sent home yesterday, and that is the time of the Leaf Hunt will be from 11-12 on the 21st (it is an early dismissal day).  Parents and siblings are welcome to come along and look for leaves!



Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bonjour les parents!

I enjoyed a lively day in the classroom today.  We learned so much about each other and about our new environment!

Today your child brought home his/her agenda that will need to be reviewed and signed each evening and returned to class each day!

We have a scheduled snack time in our class in which a small and healthy snack can be sent.  If your child does not prefer to snack at this time, he/she can bring a snack outside at recess (10:40).

Our class is looking for a Key Communicator who will circulate emails and updates througout the year.  Please sign up on the form that is located on our Communications Board outside of the classroom.  Thanks!