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Thursday, 9 May 2013

7 mai, 2013

Welcome to summer!  What great weather we have been having, let's hope it stays for a while!

In class, we have been talking about Space (espace) and learning about life on the International Space Station.  We learned how Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield eats, sleeps, cooks food, uses the bathroom and trims his fingernails in space!  We even tasted some freeze-dried ice cream (not bad but the cold stuff can`t be beat!).

The sound of the week is 'tion', and the words are:
1. récréation (recess)
2. addition (addition)
3. éducation (education)
4. collation  (snack)

Good luck with these four words!  If you wanted to practice one of the bonus words, it will be
aujourd' hui , meaning, today,

With the new reading books that are coming home, I encourage the students to  practice reading the book at home and then bring it back to me when they are confident reading it and understand what it is about.  Once they show a good understanding of the book, they can choose a new book to take home to practice reading.
Any questions, please stop by the class or call me at school (-4447).

Have a great week!

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