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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30 April, 2013

Maya with her grass seed "mini greenhouse"!
Last week was a busy one and thanks to all of the parent volunteers who came along for our nature walk to see the signs of Spring, as well as the parents who joined us for the parade! 
This week, we are looking at the "em" (ahm) sound.  We chose just 4 words and decided that as they were all 3 syllables long, that 4 was enough for this week!  The words are:
1. septembre (September - months are not capitalized in French)
2. novembre (November)
3. décembre (December - watch out for the accent!)
4. ensemble (together)
There will be a general assembly this Thursday (1:10).
Book orders went home yesterday and are due back on Friday (May 3rd).  This will likely be the last book order for this year!
Have a great week (Happy May!)

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