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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

22 April, 2013

Last Friday, we made a key wind chime to celebrate Earth Day (using recycled materials). This week, we will put together mini greenhouses and plant grass seeds to see what we can grow!
Chloe with her wind chime.
 The class building project is now complete.  The students found the location of their building on a giant map and once all the buildings were in place, we snapped this photo:
The special sound we are working on this week is "ç" which makes an "s" sound when followed by a "a", "o" or "u".  The words we chose are:
1. garçon (boy)
2. glaçon (icicle)
3. leçon (lesson)
4. reçu (received)
5. français (french)
Volunteer Appreciation Parade: Coming up this week on Friday, we will be walking with the school body to various locations around Jasper, stopping to thank the volunteers at each location!  The grade ones are responsible to thank the Chamber of Commerce staff (and Jasper the Bear) for all of the support they give our school.
Following the return to school, the students are dismissed at lunch for a Professional Development afternoon.
Have a great week!

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