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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Bon retour! Welcome back!

I trust everyone had a nice break given the warm weather !  The kids seem ready to tackle the final term of the year!

There will be a spelling dictée this Friday ...the grade 2 class will focus on the 'ail' / 'aille' sound. The words are :
1. Une médaille-a medal
2. Une bataille - a battle
3. Une paille -a straw

4. Un chandail - a sweater
5. Un épouvantail - a scarecrow
6. Un maillot - a bathing suit / jersey
7. Un éventail - a fan
8. Un travail - a job

The grade one students have the following list of sight words (some are review words):
1. Un ami - a friend (masculine)
2. Une amie - a friend (feminine )
3. On chante - one sings
4. Chez - the place /home of
5. Combien? - how many ?
6. Elle Dort - she sleeps
7. Encore - again
8. Là - there
9. Moi - me
10. Veux-tu? Would you ?

This week at school, we will be going to a Parks Canada display at the Old Firehall on Friday at 11:30 a.m.  We are looking at their latest display on wildlife, fire and national parks. At 1:00 the same day, there will be a guitar band coming from the region to treat us to a special performance in the gym. Come join us for either activity if you are able !

I asked the students to bring in a 1 or 2 litre milk carton for an earth day recycling craft.  Please try to have that in class by next Monday. Thanks !

I have two White's tree frogs in the class for a while for the students to learn from.  They are safe to handle, given that you wash your hands after holding or touching one .  I have invited the students to
stay after class this week if they'd like to hang out with a frog!

Have a wonderful week !

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