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Monday, 18 April 2016

18 Avril, 2016

Last week we had a lot of fun with the frogs, as well as at the Parks interpretive display.

The grade 2 sound this week is 'eil' 'eille' and the words are :

1. Un soleil - a sun
2. Un appareil- a machine / device
3. Un orteil - a toe
4. Un réveil -alarm clock
5. Une oreille - an ear
6. Une abeille - a bee
7. Une bouteille -a bottle
8. La vieille - the old woman

The grade one students have the following sight words :
1. Une fête
2. La maison
3. Grande
4. Petite
5. Grand
6. Petit
7. Il s'en va
8. Y-a-t-il
9. Plus
10. Peux-tu?

Last week the class collectively earned their 100 point for good behaviour and have earned a smoothie party. This Wednesday at 2:30, we will prepare smoothies in the class. Please send in a cup of fruit that your child would like in their smoothie.

Have a great week !

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