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Monday, 11 January 2016

January11, 2016

The cross-country ski session went so well today; thank you to Paula for organizing the kids in small groups beforehand to find the proper equipment !! Also, thanks to Christine for coming skiing with us (the help was invaluable!).

The sound of the week is "an" for grade one. The kids should be able to show you the action for this sound. The words are :
1. Orange
2. Blanc - white
3. Dans -in 
4. Maman-mom
5. Grande-big 
6. Mange-eat 

The grade 2s have the same sounds made by "an" and ”am". :

1. Dimanche-Sunday
2. Janvier- January 
3. quand-when
4. Losange- diamond shape
5. Rectangle. 
6. Triangle 
7. Framboise- raspberry 
8. Chambre- room 

Have a great week. !

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