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Monday, 18 January 2016

January 18, 2016

This week at school, we are learning about animals of the Arctic!  We will be doing some fun experiments to test how they live and survive in the sub-zero climate. 

The sound of the week is "en" for the grade one class and "en" and "em" for the grade two students. 

The words are: 
1. Cent - one hundred
2. Vent - wind
3. Dent - tooth 
4. Lent - slow
5. Enfant - child 
6. Trente - thirty

The grade two words are : 
1.souvent - often 
2. ensuite - then; later
3. vendredi - Friday
4. septembre - September 
5. longtemps - longtime 
6. Le printemps - springtime
7. ensemble - together
8. calendrier - calendar 

The class showed impressive talent and skill last week cross-country skiing .  I will share photos with you as soon as I can!  If anyone is interested in going for a ski, the equipment at the front entrance of the school can be signed out for you to use. 

Have a great week ! 

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