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Monday, 23 March 2015

23 mars, 2015

The sound of the week is "em".  This sound is always followed by a "b" or a "p", as in the following words:
1. printemps - Spring
2. temps - time
3.  tempête -storm
4. septembre - September
5. novembre - November
6. ensemble - together

The bannock baking was a great success!  Thanks to Sharon and Tomoko for joining us in the high school Home Ec. room!

Also, thanks to all families for sending in milk cartons with prepared ice blocks for our inukshuk building project.  We managed to have three cooperative groups construct inukshuks and trouble-shoot through the tricky task of stacking slippery ice blocks~great job grade one!

Tomorrow, the  students are invited to dress up like a mad scientist to kick off our Science in Motion week.  I am looking forward to learning about "Cold Adaptations" with the scientists.

Report cards went home today.  Please send back the interview request forms tomorrow, thanks!

Friday is a half day to allow time for parent-teacher interviews, the students will be dismissed at the bell.

** Please return library books this week if you have them at home.

Have a great week!

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