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Monday, 9 February 2015

9 février, 2015

Bonjour!!  I am happy to announce that Vanessa Martin will be working in our classroom as an Educational Assistant for the next few months.  She was born and raised in France and has lots of experience to help us in the classroom!

The messages that the students wrote for Teacher Appreciation were so kind!  I love their kind words.

This Friday, we will be having a small Valentine celebration and card exchange at 1:00 in the classroom.  We will then walk to the Arena to skate.  Don't forget all of the required gear...skates, helmet and gloves.

Here is a list of grade one students for writing Valentine cards:
Anica, Brady,Cache, Carson, Casey, Draven, Drew, Emerson, Finlay, Georgia, Isla, Jayden, Jordyn, Karleigh, Kira, Krystof, Kyle, Lauren, Lily, Marie, Maisie, Mila, Paige Rinka, Sophie, Turi.

Winter Walk Day with our Grade Four Reading Buddies!


Our "Valentine's Day" word list for the Friday quiz are:
1. cupidon-- Cupid
2. coeur -- heart
3. rouge -- red
4. amour -- love
5. lettre -- letter
6. bisou -- kiss
Have a great week!

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