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Monday, 29 September 2014

September 29, 2014

What a marvelous day to look for leaves!  Thanks to the moms who accompanied our group to look for the most beautiful fall leaves!  Cheryl, Tina and Kim (plus a few siblings..) thanks for helping us out today!

The sound of the week is "o"....this letter makes the Santa Claus laugh, "oh, oh, oh".  The action is to put your hands around your belly and laugh, santa-like!

The words are, again, mostly non-words.  These are sounds that will help the students to read and spell French words if they can hear the letter sounds.

1. lo
2. to
3. no
4. os
5. or
6. mo

This week at school, we will be talking a lot about colors in French.  We will learn about the primary colors and secondary colors that are formed when 2 colors are mixed.

We continue to practice the alphabet, the order of letters, the 6 vowels and the consonants.  Quiz your child (even in English!) about anything alphabet related!

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