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Friday, 19 September 2014

September 20, 2014

What a great time it was to visit an apple tree and eat the sweet apples!  A great, big thanks to Nadia Helmy for sharing her tree with us!

Making the apple sauce was a hit thanks to Kim and Tina for helping peel and mix ingredients with the students!  Check out our photos:

The spelling words of the week are "non" words in French...they are two letter blends that will help the student with their phonetic awareness.  The sound of the week is "I"; this letter says "eeee" in French.  I told the students that when I see the small dot on the top, I pretend it is a spider (and I am totally, irrationally afraid of spiders), so I make a scream, like "eee!".
The words this week are :
1. si
2. mi
3. li
4. fi
5. ri
6. di
As our vocabulary expands, we will use these sounds to make words, such as dimanche.
Have a wonderful week!

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