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Thursday, 16 January 2014

January 16, 2013

The students have a cookie sale today at recess so send in two (or one) quarters if they'd like a treat!

The sound of the week is "ou", which, when these two vowels hang out together make the "oo" sound.  Our action is to howl like a wolf...ooooo!

The words of the week are:
1. rOUge - red
2. nOUs - us/we
3. sOUs - under
4. tOUt - all
5. pOUr - for
6. jOUe - play
**Each word this week has a "ghost" letter at the end - these are letters that don't make any sounds.

The students did very well last week with the words. I have attached some pictures of us practicing spelling the words during our weekly "word work" period in class.

Reminder that the book orders are due tomorrow (Friday).

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