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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

7 January, 2014

Bonne année a tous!  Happy New Year, 2014!  I'm sure that you had a nice and relaxing break and are ready to have the students back at school!

In class, we will be working on the following areas of the curriculum:
Math - addition and subtraction facts up to 12.  We will talk about several different ways to add and subtract to find the answer, including, using fingers, a number line, beads, objects, pictures, etc. 

Social studies - we are learning about ourselves and what makes each person unique and special.  Watch for a note coming home in the agendas about learning about where the students' names came from.

Science - As it is now officially winter, we will be talking about polar animals and their habitats and adaptations.

French language arts - The students will now have 6 dictee words that will focus on friends sound blends.  We have started the sound "on" (ohn) this week and the action we use is to put a finger on the nose while saying the sound.  We will practice the words daily in class, but I encourage the students to write out their words once or twice a night.

The words of the week are:
1. non - no
2. mon - my
3. cochon - pig
4. maison - house
5. garcon - boy
6. ballon - ball

January is a fairly quiet month in the school with one noon dismissal on Friday, January 24th.  The last week of the month is Family Literacy Month and there will be a school-wide "read-in" on January 24 at 11:00 am.

Finally, thank you to all of you for showering me with kindness and Christmas cheer!

Have a great week!

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