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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1 octobre, 2013

Bienvenue au mois d'octobre!  Thanks again to all of the parent helpers who came along to pick apples and to help prepare our delicious apple sauce!  I have included a few photos...

Some reminders for the week are:
Thursday there is a cookie sale so please send along up to 2 quarters for a special recess treat!
Friday after lunch (1:10) we will be going on a leaf hunt around town.  Parent volunteers are welcome to join us!
The focus sound of the week is "o" and the action we make for this sound is to put hands on belly and to laugh like santa, "o, o, o!".  Whenever this vowel is in a word  all by itself, not beside another vowel, it will say it's sound..."O".  The words the class selected for the week are:
1. yoyo
2. moto
3. non
4. rose

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