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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Just a reminder that tomorrow at 2:30 the class be walking around the block to celebrate Terry Fox.   Send in a Toonie, if possible.

Friday is jam-packed full of activity.  The dictée will focus on "i" words.  In French, this sounds makes an "ee" sound.  The action is to make whiskers on your face with your fingers like a mouse (souris, in French).  The words are;
1. il
2. si
3. ici
4. ri (this is not a real French word, however, the sounds that the students hear are so important at this stage).

Friday, meet us at the classroom at 10:15 if you would like to accompany us for the walk to pick apples.  At 11:00 we will start making apple sauce and because knives are required for this, I require some extra hands in the class!  Please come on in if you are able to assist!

Have a great week!

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