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Monday, 25 February 2013

25 février, 2013

We had a busy week last week and I will attach some pictures at the end of this post.  We painted our clay penguin masterpieces and they turned out wonderfully!  Bravo la première année!


The Show and Tell has been going well, also.  Remember, this activity is to promote thinking and speaking in French for both the student that is presenting and for the class!  They are, therefore, welcomed to bring in a favorite toy to class.  Check out the picture of Melissa showing and telling about her "pet" hooded dragon (please dont feel that the item needs to be alive!)!  It was exciting to watch Melissa's mom try to feed it a superworm...eeeek!  I must say that I was a little freaked out!


The Carnaval was also a lot of fun - here, you can see Maya pounding a nail as she tried to do her best "lumberjack" impersonation.

The words of the week follow the "EN" sound (it is the sound as last week's "AN")
1. dent (tooth) -
2. vent (wind) -
3. cent (a hundred)
4. enfant (child)
5. entre (enter)
Have a great week!


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