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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12 février, 2013

There will be a spelling quiz this Friday on words containing the "ai" (eh) sound.  The five words are:

vrai (true, real)
J'ai (I have)
mai (May, as in the month of May)
mais (meaning, "but")
fais (to make, to do)

Thursday after lunch, there will be a spotlight assembly in the gym.  The teachers will also be participating in a a competition, showing off their interpretation of a homemade space helmet.  It should be a fun assembly and all are welcome to attend.

Immediately following the assembly, we will return to our class to exchange Valentine cards with each other and enjoy some snacks and crafts.

I have been told that our hummingbird friend, Phoebe, has returned to her nest and has laid a few eggs!  Pretty exciting to see how  quickly those other birds grew and then left the nest!

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