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Monday, 24 October 2016

24 octobre, 2016

* Etoile de la semaine.......Ryan!

Sound of the week "U".

Words of the week:

1. cube - cube
2. jupe - skirt
3. plume - feather
4. sur - on
5. brune - brown (feminine)
6. lune - moon

We have been working a lot on sentences with the following sentence starters:
- Je vois (I see)
- J'aime (I like)
- Il y a (there are)

* We also practice writing words that we don't see (we call it writing with our "ears").  We use what we know about the vowel sounds and syllables we have learned so far.
For example, words like to/ma/te, we clap the syllables and then spell each syllable sound.  This is also called "chunking up" or breaking the word up.  It helps us to become master spellers in french and it is the base that we will continue to build upon.
We write one "star" word with our dictée list every week and this word is a phonetically spelled word.

This week at school we have individual pictures being taken on Wednesday.  Polish the teeth, practice the smile and send in the photo envelopes with your photo choices by Wednesday.

On Friday, we will visit Mrs. Sawka's and the Gr. 5/6 haunted classroom. Please send in $2 for their fundraiser.

********** I HAVE POSTPONED OUR CLASS COOKIE/SNACK SALE UNTIL JANUARY !!!!  I figured the students wouldn't need any extra snacks the same week as Halloween.  Thank you for your understanding!!! ************************************

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