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Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Family Day! making!

The Valentine's Day pizza making extravaganza was a big success and the kids were awesome with their cooperation and participation! 

This is a short week so we will have a reduced word list for the spelling dictee!

The sound of the week will be "un" like the number one (un), and the words are:

Grade one:
1. brun - brown
2. lundi - Monday
3. un - one
4. commun - common
5. jungle - jungle

Grade 2 spelling words:
1. parfum -perfume
2. emprunter - to borrow
3. quelqu' un - someone
4. vingt-et-un - 21
5. chacun - everyone
6. aucun- no one; none
7. commun - common
Wednesday afternoon, we will participate in the winter Carnival all afternoon.  Volunteers are still needed to accompany the kids from station to station.  Let me know if you are able to attend on that afternoon.

Baby Zachery is getting so big!  We had a great visit last Tuesday!

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