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Monday, 7 December 2015

7 décembre, 2015

This week at school, we are finishing up our cereal boxes and moving full-force into Christmas holidays and traditions.  We will be looking at different country's Christmas traditions and then talking about our own traditions.  I will be sending home a recipe sheet in which I am asking each family to contribute a "secret" holiday recipe.  I will compile the recipes into a book and send them home with the students before the break.  Please send your recipe sheet back to school by next Monday, Dec. 14.

This week, we do not have a focus sound to work on for the spelling words, rather, a holiday theme:
The grade 1 words are:
  1. renne -reindeer
  2. boule - decorative ball
  3. joyeux - joyous, happy, merry
  4. Noël - Christmas
  5. merci - thank you
  6. canne - cane (like candy cane)

The grade 2 spelling words will focus on the "ain" sound.  They did not receive the words today due to the field trip.  We will review them together, tomorrow.
  1. demain - tomorrow
  2. le lendemain - the next day
  3. prochain - next
  4. soudain - suddenly
  5. maintenant - now
  6. certain - certain
  7. vilain - villain
  8. train - train
Have a great week!

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