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Monday, 8 June 2015

8 juin, 2015

A new list of dictee words went home today...last one! The quiz will be next Friday, June 15th.

The words this week are:
  1. une fête - a party
  2. la maison - a house
  3. grande - big (feminine version)
  4. petite - small (feminine version)
  5. il s'en va - he leaves
  6. y-a-t'il - is there, as in...Y-a-t'il une pomme sur la table? Is there an apple on the table?
  7. Peux-tu? - Can you?
  8. plus - more
  9. grand - big (masculine version)
  10. petit - small (masculine version)
The Mina hike is under revision by the school and Parks Canada...the official decision will be made by tomorrow, as to whether it is a go, or  not.

On Friday, we are lucky to have Kevin Gedling guiding our class on an interpretive hike around Jasper.  Please watch for the permission slips for this activity that will be coming home in the agendas tomorrow.  We will leave  the school right after the lunch bell and we will return for the dismissal bell at 3:00.

Also on Friday, there is a Spirit day activity....CRAZY HAIR DAY!

Keep watching for updates to our fun-filled, year-end events and activities!


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