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Monday, 5 January 2015

5 janvier, 2015

Bonne année 2015! Happy New Year!

It is nice to get back into the swing of things!  We are working on polishing up our classroom routines to make a smooth transition into January.  This includes things like coming to class on time, being prepared (agenda, indoor shoes and reading bag) and following in-class rules and routines.

There will be a spelling quiz this Friday.  The focus sound is "eu" and the words for the week are:
1. bleu - blue
2. feu - fire
3. neuf - nine
4. deux - two
5. jeudi - Thursday
6. peu - a little; small amount.

Check out the kids dressed in red and black at the Christmas concert!  If anyone took a good photo of the class, please forward them on to me! Great job groovin' to Blitzen's Boogie!

Have a great week!


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