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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14 octobre, 2014

I hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving long weekend!  The students did an amazing job disguising the turkeys that were sent home.  Check out our awesome bulletin board"!

This week at school we are looking at the sound "é".  This is a "special" French sound and is makes the sound "eh" when it is in a word.  The spelling words this week are:
1. dé - dice
2. clé - key
3. bébé - baby
4. Zoé - name of a girl, watch out for the capital "Z"
5. école - school
6. fée - fairy

We will be cooking vegetable alphabet soup this Friday morning.  The students will be asked to send in a half a cup of a chopped vegetable (carrot, potato, celery, tomato, etc...).

Have a great (short) week at school!

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