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Monday, 21 April 2014

21 avril, 2014

Happy Easter, Joyeuses Paques!

I hope the weekend was relaxing for you all! 

There will be a dictée this week that focusses on the "gn" sound.  In English, this sound is tricky to translate, but is like, "nyuh".  There are 4 words this week and they are:
1. araignée - spider
2. ligne - line
3. montagne - mountain
4. gagner - to win

The Volunteer Appreciation assembly is this week on Thursday, at 1:10 and all parent helpers are welcome to come to this celebration!

Friday is a half day to accommodate a Professional Development day.

Some materials have been requested to be brought to class to help us with class projects and crafts.  Please send in a shoebox, if you have one, as well as a plastic milk jug (any size smaller than a 4 litre).

Many thanks, and have a great week!


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