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Monday, 28 January 2013

28 janvier

Baby Kai came for visit today!  We have not seen him since before Christmas and we noticed that he has made many changes!  He now has two teeth, he can sit up by himself, and he can crawl!  He is extremely happy to have us sing songs to him!  He is also becoming a curious little guy, pulling on our shoes and looking around the room at our decorations.

We will continue to focus on the sound "ch" for this week.  There are 5 spelling words this week and they are:
1. chef  (chef/ boss)
2. chauve (bald)
3. chemise (shirt)
4. chanson (song)
5. chaise (chair)
If you need help with the pronunciation of words, click on the link below, type the french word in the text-to-speech space (chosoe French language) and voila, the word will be said in French.

On Wednesday this week the student-led conferences will be starting in our classroom at 5:30.  Your child will give you a guided tour around the room to show you what we have been up to lately.  You are then invited to go up to the library to play some board games as part of the Literacy Week activities.

See you then!


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