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Thursday, 6 December 2012

December 6, 2012

Bonne fète à Isobel!  Happy 6th birthday, Isobel!

Yesterday, we had a fun and informational 3V session with a teacher from Montana who told stories and showed video clips of bears.  We got to see Bruno the Bear during his "winter lethargy" and learned that bears don't hibernate, rather they "den" for the winter.

Our visit to the Museum today was fun and the kids each found a favorite tree.  Some of "favorites" included the "money" tree, the pink tree, the purse tree, the hockey tree, the strawberry jam tree the chocolate tree.  There is an event at the Museum this Saturday, where the kids can decorate a tree with Santa!  Thanks to Bella's mom and Jillian's mom for accompanying the class to and from the Musuem!

Tomorrow is our "on" spelling quiz as well as out bear baking morning.  Don't forget that it is also a noon dismissal day.

As requested in the newsletter, if you are able to send in a washed 4L  milk jug, we will be doing a christmas craft with them by next week, thanks. 

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