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Sunday, 11 November 2012

November 11, 2012

C'est le jour du Souvenir -
Je porte un coquelicot.
Ask your child to read and explain this sentence! It means, "today is Remembrance Day - I wear a poppy."

Another busy week has passed!  We spent time talking about the significance of poppies, peace and remembering soldiers who fought in the wars.  When Griffin told the class that his great grandmother was involved in the second world war and that she is still alive (90 years old!) we had to learn more!  The class came up with 5 questions for grande Mamie and then Mr. Shepherd came to us with the answers and many fun and heart-warming stories of great-grandma's wartime experiences.  My favorite story was that when she took her itchy woollen knickers apart to knit a vest up for a skinny, young and cold Canadian soldier!  Thank you for sharing your time and stories with us, Landon!

The spelling quiz this week will be repeated on Tuesday.  Practice lots and listen for those vowel sounds in each word, "mon, ton, son, tu, il, elle, le, ne, pas and rat".

The songs we have been learning are:

O Canada

A few traditional French songs we have been learning:
Au feu les pompiers

Lundi matin


Frère Jacques
Frère Jacques

I look forward to our week ahead, starting on Tuesday, when Tianna and Max will be the "stars" and we will spend time learning about bears, hibernation and owls!


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