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Sunday, 21 October 2012

October 21, 2012

This week at school, some exciting events to look forward to are:

- Marnie Oatway, the Occupational Therapist, will be coming to show our class some fun and safe movements and yoga poses for the classroom.

- Madame Michelle and dad Jayme Dugay will bring baby Kai in to meet our class.  We will meet weekly with our Roots of Empathy family and the Coordinator, Beth Leblanc.  This is a wonderful opportunity for this class, and we are looking forward to seeing changes and growth in Kai!

- Brenda Shepherd (Griffin's mom) will present to us on the topic of bats!

- Pumpkin math: estimation, measurements, and comparisons will be made using real pumpkins.

- Literacy - story writing using the Halloween vocabulary (sorcière - witch, citrouille - pumpkin, squelette - skeleton, affreux - scary, mignon - cute, chauve-souris - bat, énorme, grand, moyen, petit - huge, large, medium, small)

- Science - Naming the parts of a pumpkin and comparing the differences to an apple.

- Reading with our Grade 4 reading buddies

- Health - On Friday, we will make our shared vegetable soup in the morning and eating it in the afternoon.  Parent volunteers are welcome to come in and help chop up the veggies.  Please send in a bowl and spoon for the afternoon sharing of the soup.

- Chanson (song) of the week - check out our fun new song about skeletons:

   L'araignée Gypsie:

A demain!


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